Upcoming Events

"Box Of Hope"
Help those in need will go around to the residences of Johnson and Wales Univ.
to see it they have any items they would like to donate. Items such as toilet paper, (all unopened) peroxide, alchol, band aids , canned goods, and clothes that are in good condition etc.

"The Family Dinner"

Help those in need will be preparing a meal feeding 30-40 people for the Ronald Mcdonald house to help those in need of a hot meals. Upon raising the funds to do so this will take place at there location  at 1145 NW 14th Ter
Miami, FL
Ronald McDonald House Family Dinner Menu

·        Mac & Cheese

·        Cornbread Stuffing

·        Rice Pilaf

·        Green Beans/ Mixed Veg

·        French Bread

·        Bar BQ Chicken

"Youths of Tomorrow"

Help those in need members will spend a day with the children of the program  and play activities that will help them develop leadership and communication skills

Events We Have Done

"The Golf Stream Recovery"

on October 13, 2010 "Help Those In Need" worked with Feeding South Florida where we help commandeer produce, food, and papered goods such as paper plates, napkins, and paper cups at the golf stream, where a food tasting convention was held. All of these items where gathered and dispensed to not-for-profit organizations to assist people in need and improve their lives

"Stop Diabetes"

On October 23, 2010 "Help Those In Need" participated in "step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes Day" where we walked and donated money to show support in the fight to find a cure for diabetes